10 Best Green Flag Male Characters In K-Drama

Whether you’ve been a fan of K-dramas for years now or have only just discovered the wonder of these shows, you might have already found yourself smitten with one or two (or ten) K-drama actors.

These Are The Best K-Drama Male characters:

Lee Jun Ho (Extraordinary Attorney Woo)

Lee Jun Ho is Mr. Reliable at the Hanbada Law Firm. He is also the only one who helps rookie attorney Woo Young Woo get past the building’s revolving doors on her first day at work.

He even teaches her a technique so she can pass through the doors on her own.

He allows Young Woo to blabber on about whales, even when others find it annoying. 

Choi Woong (Our Beloved Summer)

It’s in the littlest of gestures that Choi Woong stands out as a good boyfriend.

It’s in the way he tilts his umbrella more towards Kook Yeon Su in cases of sudden downpours.

It’s in how he never leaves her side, even when he’s angry at her. It’s in how he breaks his own sleeping schedule just to be with her. And it’s in how he opens up his world to her, to remind her that she is never alone. 

Cha Sung Hoon (Business Proposal)

Cha Sung Hoon is fiercely loyal, both to his job and to his boss/childhood BFF, Kang Tae Moo.

He is even willing to give up his feelings for Young Seo who is “betrothed” to Tae Moo already.

Despite keeping his distance, he still helps her out in many ways, including chasing down her perverted neighbor.

Denver (Money Heist KR)

While we totally understand that Denver is a thief in this show, it’s hard not to look past the things he’s done especially for the people he cares about.

When Berlin orders him to kill Mi Sun, he grapples with his conscience and fails to push through with it. 

Moon Ji Woong (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

Moon Ji Woong is that student who simply oozes confidence and charisma. His vanity, however, is not the kind that makes him think he’s superior to anyone else.

He helps his friends when they are in need, even going to the frontlines if necessary.

And while lots of girls like him, his loyalty is to Go Yu Rim only. 

Lee Cheong San and Lee Su Hyeok (All Of Us Are Dead)

Beyond their good looks, both Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Cheong San display great courage as they lead their group into finding a way out of their zombie-infested school.

Soo Hyuk was once a bully but has since turned over a new leaf and helps the bullied instead.

Cheong San, on the other hand, would rather face the zombie pack than let his crush, On Jo, get in harm’s way. 

Hong Do Shik (Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

Hong Du Sik is the jack of all trades in Gongjin. He’s a skilled individual who knows how to do lots of things (his licenses are proof of this).

He’s literally everywhere, doing a variety of odd jobs that contribute to the overall well-being of everyone in town. 

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